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So i've got a pickup in my acoutic, one of the ones where you just clamp it in and put the jack through the strap pin hole, and i was wondering, becasue of the lack of control i have over the volume, etc, if i could do the following:

Cut a rectangularish hole in the area of the strap pin/jack, and put in a little control panel thing.


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Where the pin is, cut out a rectangular hole, maybe 7cm x 4-5cm and wire in a volume and possibly a tone pot to a piece of plastic, with the pin attached also, which will then screw back over the hole.

Would it be a good idea, or would it destroy the natural sound quality of the guitar?
some acoustics have that control panel and they dont really "control" very well i.e. they dont work.

Yes you would be destroying your guitar. Dont do it.

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