I have two EMG 81s installed on my guitar. There's one volume and one tone pot. Since I haven't touched the tone pot since I got the guitar I decided I should replace it with another volume pot. The idea is to control the volume of both pickups individually and when the neck pickup is at 0 I can use the switch as a killswitch between "bridge" and "middle" position of the switch. It's a Les-Paul-type switch, not a Fender-type.

I was checking over the internet for the right wiring diagram but I couldn't find the exact one and there was always something to convert to fit my situation. I'm so bad with electronics, so I really need your help for the correct wiring.

Thank you, good people!
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Would the middle position really act as a killswitch? I'm not a wiring expert, but it seems to me that the neck would be the killswitch in your scenario, not the middle.

yeah its the neck

ive got 2 vol 1 tone on my rr3, and if i put the neck down to 0 and bridge to 10 (vol), the middle still makes a noise.
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No the middle would be a killswitch. I have 2 volumes on my guitar and when i have the neck volume at 0 the middle is silent.
Thanks for the diagram, Baby Joel!

Well, it's not much of an issue that the neck will be the killswitch. The middle position would be better. Тhe important thing is that it ends up working and my EMGs don't get fried because I'm not 100% sure that EMG and SD use the same coloring
Thank you so very much guys! You're great!

Cheers and thanks again for the kind answers!