Hi there, I'm looking to get a new guitar and I was pretty much set on the vigier excalibur supra in red sparkle. I tried the guitar out and loved the thing; it felt and sounded perfect. However, I found out the shop has a excalibur original for the same money. Spec wise, it has an OFR instead of a two point trem and it has a duncan tb-5 custom in the bridge instead of the dimarzio tone zone and a sh-5 custom in the neck in stead of the PAF pro.

My question, is the original a "higher" model? Because if I can get "a better" guitar for the same money, then I'd probably go for it (even though the supra was pretty much perfect). Surely the fact it has an OFR shows its their more premium model?

Thanks alot
well, you go by tone and feel and if you need a floyd or not.
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well, you go by tone and feel and if you need a floyd or not.

Well I went there looking for a guitar with a floyd, but the tuning stability on the supra was awesome from some pretty heavy use. I'd like to do that sort off stuff.
I would say the Supra (that is my personal choice though) - you can use the standard trem like a Floyd but without the hassle of a locking nut, plus the standard trem has a 'thicker' tone (check out Christophe Godin's use of his Supra / trem). The Original is the equivalent model to the Supra the difference being the bridge and pickups - the Seymour's are to compensate for the lack of wood on the Original due to the extra cavities for the Floyd Rose. It is personal choice, go with what 'feels' best to you - the Red Sparkle is a special edition colour btw.
i haven't tried the supra, but based on the vigiers i have tried, i imagine it's more to do with what features you want than one being "better" than the other...
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