Just did this song to try to get the hang of mixing and recording with superior 2.0 drums and my line 6 amp.

The drums are all superior 2.0 i can tell you the settings if you want
the guitars are all direct out from my line 6 spider iii. i can tell you those settings too.
the bass is exported midi from reason 4.0, same with the piano.

used garritan personal orchestra for the violins

wanted to know if the mix sounded okay. especially the drums and guitars.

Thanks, will C4C.

Song is called "Song 0"
Drums sound good, fit nicely in the mix... and the guitars sound very nice, I like the panning on both sides to give a fuller sound.
For midi, the bass and piano sound surprisingly good... maybe i'll use midi for a few things in my mixes hmm.

Very interesting melodies used on the lead guitars, very different from other pieces. I was about to say that it missed lyrics, but the melodies are definately interesting enough to hold on their own.

Pretty cool song, keep it up!
Thx for the crit
wow that was a freaking awesome track. all the chord progressions were really cool, the leads were amazing and they all fit in, the drum programming was bad ass too, and the guitar tone was pretty good too. overall was an extremely entertaining song. and the bass was actually quite realistic, im a bass player and i didnt think it sounded like ass
anyways would you mind criting my song?