Hi, i have uploaded 'idea' on my profile... please can you check it out, see if it is good enough to make into a song.

My friend says it sounds too much like muse... do you think i should scrap the idea because of this?

I definately wouldn't scrap that, sounds cool. I wouldn't have even thought of Muse if you hadn't mentioned it, it's more like chilled out Mastodon with Nightwish synths. Work on it
Thanks, how do you think i could follow this up... i don't want to make it generic (perhaps some 'awkward' time sig?)
The chord before the V7 is typical Bellamy haha...but, do whatever you feel. If you think it's an original idea and you're proud of what you made, rock it like a rocket.
I have uploaded 'idea (updated)' on my profile... please check out the new verse added
I've left some comments on your profile page, not the actual thread.... keep it up!

Please can you ppl now comment on the versey bit i've made after the main riff?