My band wants to play the song sweet child o mine. I already knew most of the song but 2 days ago started to look into the solo etc. Everything goes ok, beginning and end of the solo are easy enough to understand. But I got some real problems with the part where he turns his way on and starts this fast walk upwards. It isnt to fast for me Im sure, but somehow I dont get it. I checked out different tabs, all with different ways to play, I learn them but It sounds in no way the same (I use a wah). I am afraid there is something I overlooked, cause I dont see the structure in the walk at all (and there must be). Someone can enlighten me what is he exaclt playing? Dont say practice please, thats what im doing, I will get there eventually but maybe you guys can tell me something usefulll I might have mistunderstand.

hope you can help,

look at an official songbook?
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It would be helpful if you specify the time interval of the section you can't figure out ex1:42-2:00). In general, he's mainly playing an E minor pentatonic scale in the wah part (Eb actually since he's tuned a half-step down). This part generally utilizes a box pattern of the pentatonic scale, so use the that as a basis and figure out the part by ear.

you can buy the lesson for £2.50
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