Ok so I'm planning on building a 4x12 bass cab but I'm totally retarded when it comes these kind of things so I'm hoping someone could help me out.

Ok so far I'm planning on using these speakers http://www.fusionelectronics.com/australia/car-audio-1/subwoofers-4/ensw120-9-product.aspx#addninfo but there kinda for a car and I'm not sure if they will work but i like the colour and what else would i need apart from speakers and enclosure and what would a good size enclosure be and what kind of material should i use etc.?
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im not totally sure about the speakers myself, but i do know a little about cabs in general.
there was something about the dimensions of the cab need to be odd numbered to prevent noise interference, or smt to that effect.
and you should be able to just build the enclosure out of plywood.
I too have heard that you should use odd measurements in inches, but I can't recall why.

Plywood is a great material for making the cab, with 2x2 framing. Glue & screw, drill pilot holes.

Those are pretty ballin speakers, but I would look into drivers designed for bass guitar.
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