Hey boys and girls.

Long story short
My band = Very loud, very crunchy.
Post Hardcore/Rock/Alternative sound

lets go

I over time I wish to aquire the following

- Stack Rig
Something big, loud and heavy

- High end guitar (gibson?)
Lots of options, amazing crunch, and a relitively sexy clean tone

- Pedals or single unit
Distortion, boost, reverb, etc

Right now I have around $3,000AU, I'm just looking at beggining to buy more gear. I've almost finished high school, so shortly I'll have a lot more funds than before.

My current guitar is an LTD Eclipse.
Current AMP is an 100w Ashton 212 Combo.

I've been doing the hard yards for quite a while to save for an awesome rig.
it's time UG
how long have you been playing? whats your experience level?
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^Not sure what his experience level has to do with it.....are you implying if he doesnt play at a certain level he shouldnt be allowed to have good gear?

My best advice would be to buy the amps used until you find the one thats really yours.. ...this gives you plenty of time to experiment without just a quick listen at a store before buying and realizing its not quite what you are looking for.

A Les Paul would be a good versatile guitar...just find the one that is right for you.
What model Eclipse have you got, as anything from the 401 is of a good standard imo and wouldnt really need replacing DESPERATLY.
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id say for a guitar pick up something like a used sg special, and amp wise maybe an orange rocker 50 or a mesa of some kind
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Guitar looks good.

Spend some cash and get yourself either an Orange Rockerverb of some random wattage you want, some sort of Mesa or a Bogner Alchemist depending on what flavour you want. Spend some time playing with a bunch of pedals and spend the leftover of your spending cash on what you like.

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Engl or Mesa of any sort
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Les Paul is always a nice way to go.
Heres what I have to tell you, you won't need a huge amp. 30-50 watt will be fine until later. Then if you want to upgrade you can. Any place you play worth a damn will have a PA system ready for you to use and your amp won't have to be stellar quite yet. I'm also assuming you find some sort of success. Not that you can't, but I'm trying to help lay some things out for you.

Test every pedal and every guitar you can.

Take advice fromt he forum but use it conservatively and use your own judgement.

I can tell you how much I love the Laguna LE924 but so many people don't like it so I'll suggest you at least try it and don't skip short just because it's a GC guitar.

Theres so many options that being this vague really can't help determine anything.
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guitar is good. for amp, marshall jcm900/800 maybe? fore ffects, get a wah, chorus, noisegate, and delay. those are some of the more popular...you should get a boss distortion for boost.

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one of the best things to do when looking for new gear for yourself is to look at the gear that your fave bands use. this will help point you in a good direction quite often for what you may want.

you can also list a bunch of bands that you like and want to sound like here on the board and the UG community can help you out :-)
Get yourself a POD before you buy an amp. Play through it a lot and get familiar with the tonal differences between the different models. Then, once you have a more focused idea of what sorta tone you like, find an amp that's voiced similarly to your favourite model on it.
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You could probably find yourself a used marshall JCM 900 and a 4x10 for under $1500 leaving you $1500 for a guitar.You could probably almost pick-up a used SG standard for the price (I think) but les pauls tend to be a bit more pricey.
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Originally posted by Gunpowder:
Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
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I've heard good things about the 5150III but it's kinda pricy if I recall... you can score 5150s and JSXs used pretty cheaply and people seem to like the voicing on them slightly better than on the 6505... and I know I did when I tried both of em.
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It's hard being in AUS man.
I've sold all but 2 of my guitars to get a sweet amp setup.
My advice would be to check out as much stuff as you can, look up mp3 clips of amps and cabs on the net etc..
Then once you've found something you like, wait around for it until you find it cheap.
I got lucky and found my dream setup (ampwise) for around 2k, but you might find it a bit hard to grab yourself "the" amp, guitar and effects for 3 grand.
Sometimes I wish i were in the U.S, haha...
Triple recs in australia go for about $5000!!!
A 6505 half stack costed about $2500 i think :/
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