I just finished my Fuzz pedal (http://smallbox.zeonhost.com/projects/fface/)
But it won't work, i tried the searchbar and the pedal thread, but no luck.

The signal goes clean through, but when i click the button to engage the fuzz, nothing goes through.

The parts list on the pedal says "any good transistor of the pnp configuration"

Well i used AC151's the first time, but no luck

I also used a stereo jack instead of a mono jack, will that effect anything?

First thing to do is to check to make sure you put the transistors in the right way. Match the pins on the DATASHEET with the pins on the project image.

Next check and double check your wiring. Don't assume it's right. Really check it.

Did you etch a board, use strip or perfboard?

Using a stereo jack for the output won't affect anything. Just leave the ring lug empty.
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I have the transistors correctly, i just know i do since it was checked on my voltmeter and it worked.

I used a prefboard by the way

I'll open it up and take a look at the wiring (why did i build it into the metal case when i could have made it easier to not put it in )

Wait, i might have used the ring lug to ground...
If you want to post some pictures of both sides of your perf, I'll take a look to see if I can see anything wrong.
Did you socket the transistors?
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Did you solder in a transistor socket that the transistors plug into?

Socketing makes swapping the transistor a lot easier, it's just plug and play, therefor decreasing the time and effort required to troubleshoot.

More importantly, did you use a heatsink when soldering the transistors in?
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