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The Weinstein Co. plans to release "Halloween 3" in 3-D next summer, said Bob Weinstein, who co-founded the company with brother Harvey. While Zombie will not be back to direct, the next sequel will pick up from his story and give a new twist on slasher Myers, Weinstein said.

Here's the link for the source (Note: That actual paragraph is about halfway through the article)


Personally I thought Halloween 2 was crap, so I'm a bit skeptical about another one.

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^ I was there
The original Halloween was crap, the remake was crap, I haven't seen the second remake but according to you it's crap, so I think that sums up what Halloween 3 is going to be.
the remake wasnt crap, i knew zombie wasnt going to make any more halloween...but a 3d version??? thats gonna be like bloody valintine 3d complete crap
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Never seen any of them, not gonna bother after this thread

excactly what i was about to say
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