Im learning the solo to Free Bird and I got to a part that you have to play on the 22nd fret.
This wouldn't be a problem if I had 22 frets but my Tele only has 21. What is the best way to get a 22 fret sound with 21 because currently im just keeping it bent to a 22 when I play, and I wondered if there is a better way.
I don't know that solo.

I assume it is the 22nd fret of the high E and you can't just play it on a different string?
there isn't really much you can do except what you're doing already
Just play a different repetitive pattern using the same scale (G minor pentatonic) That solo is all just repetitive licks in g minor. It all sounds good, though they've come up with a good way of putting it all together.
Short of doing what bumblefoot does an using a thimble to tap above the fretboard there's nothing else that I know of. The thimble thing seems a little extreme for freebird though...
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