Ok so today I was Waltons my local music shop (it over-priced and theres nowhere to plug bass amps in).

I was playing one of these .

And I noticed the strings felt like roundwounds.

And I went up to the shop dude working there and asked him:

"Why are there rounds on this bass, it's fretless and the strings will eat the neck up? (to quote Jaco)"

But he said they wouldn't.

Was he wrong? I know Rounds on a fretless was a big part of Jaco's sound but he did say he he never praticed with his fretless.

And Jaco had an epoxy coating on his fretless making the fingerboard hellaciously strong. But yes rounds on a fretless can hurt the finger board if played excessively
But I played fretless a few days ago in the shop as well, they we're round wound too. I can't imagine it being a big deal. I thought that putting flat wounds on a fretless bass woul make the grip real hard and cause a lot of buzz. Are they seriously supposed to be flat wounded?
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I've heard people say that unless your playing hours every day, or playing extremely hard, that rounds don't eat the neck as fast as everyone says they will.

Just what I've heard though.
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It's a rosewood board which means there should DEFINITELY be flatwounds on it. However, for all I know they could be coated in urethane or (probably not) epoxy. Even if it's an ebony board it will eat away at the wood over time, it's not like it's instant destruction, but it will happen.
I have that particular bass, and i got it with roundwounds. It started eating the fretboard in no time
If you don't epoxy the board, you will pay the piper with damage. Its not a matter of if but when.
all the cool kids use rounds on their fretlesses.

epoxy may be suggested however.
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So what should I do? Should I tell the shop or what?

Do that, or dont out of spite. Remember it yourself though cause those grooves that you end up getting dont turn out so nice.

Better to be safe than out of cash and a nice pretty fretless eh?
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