Hello everybody!

The other day I sitting in a group jamming, when someone asked me whether I'd like to perform in her bar sometime. I was playing on an acoustic guitar and singing along, so I'm guessing that's what she's looking for. Thing is though, I play (2nd guitar) and sing in a band, and I've never really performed alone. We play some Beatles/Dylan/Mando Diao/Modest Mouse/etc.. covers, but play a lot of original stuff as well.

Thing is, though, the songs we've written wouldn't go down very well if they were played acoustic. I've gotta get back to the bar-owner by Wednesday and am wondering whether I should just go for it not. I'm thinking that if I do play this gig (or two) , I've got to learn an entire set list really, and have got to figure out a way how to make an acoustic pub show entertaining enough. I'd really like to do it though..

So any help? How do you create a good atmosphere with a single acoustic guitar (and my vocals)? What would be some good songs to play? (I'm thinking Damien Rice, Neil Young, Paolo Nutini, an acoustic Lennon cover or so?)

I haven't a clue on what would go down well or not. So any ideas, info, tips, thoughts would be of great help!

Thank you very much!
first - this is probably more suited to bandleading

second - are you sure she's looking for an acoustic pub gig - could be a plugged one - no way to know till you ask.

3rd - go for it anyway - what's the worst that can happen? just go for it - if it's a disaster who cares?
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more