I am thinking of buying a cheap extension cab to my laney VC15 110 and I need some help in choosing. I (Or rather my economy) have narrowed it down to either a http://www.thomann.de/se/harley_benton_g112v.htm or a http://www.thomann.de/se/epiphone_valve_junior_1x12_cabinet.htm . I dont know what to expect from the harley benton, probably not too much but it is REALLY cheap and I think it has a nice look. The Epi seems to get quite good reviews on the other hand. One more thing to consider: The ext out on the laney says 8-16 ohms: the HB is 8 ohms and the Epi is 16 ohms is there any difference in sound, except volume, based on the ohmic match/mismatch.
I guess what I really is asking is - Is it stupid to pay twice the money for a good BUT 16 ohm cabinet as opposed to a unknown 8 ohms cabinet to a laney which, I suppose as the internal speaker is 8 ohms, has best impedance match to a 8 ohm speaker.