Hi, I have a Twin Reverb which is 85 watts. It has two 100 watts speaker (the stocks Jensen C12K). I learned recently how amps power rating works. When they say the amp is 85 watts it means 85 until it starts to distort. But then if I put it loud it means that the power could be like 125 watts which is more than the 100 watts speaker. Could that blow it? On the Jensen website it says the rated power is 100W but the musical power is 200W. Can somebody explains me what all of this is?
the amp porduces 85watts of power whilst the speakers will take upto 100 watts and it sounds like the amp is a 200watt amp
Chances are the speakers are rated in RMS too, so it shouldn't matter, you'll just get speaker distortion. Speakers are designed to take double of what they're rated at.
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An old Plexi still only puts out ~200% RMS when completely dimed, so your 200W of speaker capacity should be enough for what is probably 170W max, and that's a generous estimate.

Besides, as somebody already mentioned, speakers are RMS rated as well so they can take a bit more punishment than they seem to be able to.
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a 2 x100 watt speaker setup is capable of 200w power handling.

my cab has 4 x 35w speakers, totally to its 140w power handling.

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