I have a 2009 tele std. And I would like a more bassy tone with more bite and it the pup has to be able to handle drop tunings well.
I'm looking for an ISIS, cult of luna, tool, mastodon, baroness kind of tone.
I like the sound of my tele but I would like better muting sound and a rounder tone.
Can you please help me?

any single coil sized humbuckers with blades instead of coils will handle drop tunings far better
i have a dimarzio d sonic in my jackson, sounds prime, but idk if its in sc format

id say go gor a semour duncan jb, they make them that way, and alot of drop players use them, so they must be good right hahahaha
hot rails. hot output for heavy music, and pretty versatile. its a little harsh cause its ceramic, so u might wana try them and maybe a JB jr.
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