I love this album. A lot of you have probably heard them and just think they're another ****ty rise records band. But the singer on this new album and the mood of it just hits me the right way. I love dark hardcore sound. What do you guys think?
i havent heard alot of it
the tide was pretty good imo

i liked what i heard hear, its a littl emore diverse in sound, instead of just "rise" hardcore
i really liked their first album, The Tide. I listen to that album almot every day of my life and its not even my style of music. I bought Birth Eater, and was expecting an equally great album, but i was disappointed. their new singer is great, that's not my problem. The songs were terrible though. the vocals especially are really all over the place. I dont like it really at all. I wish i didn't pay for it.

this is a band to watch
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