Ok guys I know there's been a lot of these threads and sorry for posting another one.
I want to build a 2x12 cabinet, and I want to know the materials i need for it.

Can someone give me a list of everything I need? Type of wood?

thanks a lot.

Also, is there a tutorial on how to build one anywhere on here?

thanks again,

2x2 framing and plywood for the box, glue & screw, and drill pilot holes.

You will need,

plywood (figure out the square footage you will need)
1-1/2 inch screws
2x2 pine (figure out the lengths you need)
Wood glue or titebond original or your preferred wood adhesive
1 drill
1 screw bit for the screws
1 drill bit for the pilot holes
4 rubber feet or casters
Tolex or vinyl or fabric covering (once again figure out your yardage)
1 top handle or 2 side handles
Grille cloth or metal grille
Speakers of your choice and screws to mount them
~3 feet of wiring
1 input jack, 1/4 inch, mono
1 output jack, 1/4 inch, mono

There is a cabinet building tutorial, it is easy to find if you just look.

Good luck man.
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