Hello everybody!

The other day I sitting in a group jamming, when someone asked me whether I'd like to perform in her bar sometime. I was playing on an acoustic guitar and singing along, so I'm guessing that's what she's looking for. Thing is though, I play (2nd guitar) and sing in a band, and I've never really performed alone. We play some Beatles/Dylan/Mando Diao/Modest Mouse/etc.. covers, but play a lot of original stuff as well.

Thing is, though, the songs we've written wouldn't go down very well if they were played acoustic. I've gotta get back to the bar-owner by Wednesday and am wondering whether I should just go for it not. I'm thinking that if I do play this gig (or two) , I've got to learn an entire set list really, and have got to figure out a way how to make an acoustic pub show entertaining enough. I'd really like to do it though..

So any help? How do you create a good atmosphere with a single acoustic guitar (and my vocals)? What would be some good songs to play? (I'm thinking Damien Rice, Neil Young, Paolo Nutini, an acoustic Lennon cover or so?)

I haven't a clue on what would go down well or not. So any ideas, info, tips, thoughts would be of great help!

Thank you very much! :-)
Ask the lady about it. Tell her that you usually play a different style of music and ask her if that is ok with her if you incorporate some of that.
Because deep down, I know you want to:

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Constructive criticism is always welcomed.
One way or the other, take the gig. I would sudgest doing the acoustic set, and concentraing more on your covers as a start. Its great to build confidence, and thats the number one thing when your dealing with early gigs. If you show goes great, give her you bands press kit, assuming that you have one. (Myspace and other websites can be just as good with som bar owners.)

Good luck out there.
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catch their attention with neil young and beatles stuff to "break in" the audience then throw an original in there every once in awhile. Usually if its a regular bar, the people there would rather hear songs they know more than originals
This is a great opportunity! Unless you really think that you don't have enough time to prepare, decline it to avoid the possibility of major, life-scarring embarrassment. Otherwise, this is fantastic. You could always ask someone else to sing for you while you play guitar, but otherwise, there's a variety of songs out there that use extremely basic chord progressions and should be quite simple to learn within a matter of minutes. Unless you're aiming to put on some kind of amazing virtuosic show, put effort into it but don't take it too seriously.
I was at a pub a few weeks back, and there was a solo guy with an acoustic singing, much like you. When he did Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, loads of people sang along. Just a suggestion.
Okay great, thanks for the replies!
I've decided I'll just go for it, it's worth the experience and I don't really have much to lose (except of course, my pride and dignity )

Now all I've gotta do is get a decent setlist , but I think I can find enough threads on this site to help me out some..

Any song though you've seen performed that has truly grabbed your attention/amazed you?
OK, never done quite what your doing (though ide love to)

While busking solo (which is just me and my acoustic but obviously a very diferent type of performance) These songs always go down great (I assume they would work in your situation to):

-Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel

-All You Need is Love - The Beatles

-Stand by Me - Ben E. King

-I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash

-Fields of Athenry - Pete St. John

-Live Forever - Oasis

-Green Fields of France - The Men They Couldnt Hang

And here are some other songs I can imagine would work well, though its worth noting im not speaking from experiance:

-Whiskey in the Jar - Aim closer to the dubliners version for just you and an acoustic.

-Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

I would have written a longer and more helpful post, but I have just noticed that I have a massive piece of coursework due in tomorow. Fuck.