First time post-er here so hope I get it all correct. I have a ~4 year old Fender FM212R that until recently I hadn't used for extended periods of time(meaning when I used it was at low volume for only an hour or so). It got me by at first but I am well of aware of its limitations now. When playing lately- with a band and cranked, after 2+ hours of continuous use the volume will 'disappear' for 5-15 seconds then come right back to where it was - did this every 5 minutes or so.

I found an electronic forum where they discussed changing a couple resistors that got ridiculously hot - and they do.

My question is - anyone ever have this problem and know of a resolution short of buying a new amp? That is down the road when budget allows.

Sounds like overheating. Change the resistors or find a way to cool it off more.
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Thanks - gonna try a fan for now. The resistors are ceramic covered(never seen any like that before) and I'm not so hot w/a soldering iron. Also making a point to turn off when not using it between sets.
fender frontman amps arent exactly the pinnacle of quality.

id say just get a new amp, s'probably worth it.

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It could be a dodgy lead, but it's more likely overheating like the guy above said

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