hey im a beginning guitarist (about 1 month). im 14 yrs old and ive had my guitar a few years but never bagan to play it. im trying to learn "The Unforgiven" by Metallica and in the solo it calls for me to hit the 23 fret which i don't have. Will someone please explain to me whats going on?!?!? Also as a beginner i would like to hear the names of some easy and fun songs to learn. (PS im a Metallica fanatic). Thanks, rock out guys!
No, you guitar hasnt been built with a 23rd fret. You can get electric guitars with 22 frets, 24 frets... As any frets you like.
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what guitar are you using?
if you have a fender or gibson or anything like that, chances are you only have 21 or 22 frets

they arent missing, they just werent built into the neck in the first place

just bend it REALLY high
some guitars are made with 24 frets or even 27 in the case of some its just preference on what you get the most common is 22 frets tho such as on Gibsons and fenders
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You probably have 20, 21, or 22 frets. No big deal, the tone of those notes that high sound horrid anyways. Try pressing down on the very end of the neck, beyond the last fret.
haha, some guitars dont have as many frets as others, thats all.
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thanks for the quick help everybody! im not sure what guitar i have its kinda crappy,(made in china) and it on the head theres a signiture ( Jay Tarsen?). i got it off ebay for $50 lol
any nirvana song, they are really fun too. I'd say White Lace and Strange is a sweet easy tune to learn.

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thnx is the unforgiven solo really hard? cuz i learned everything up to it. also this is prob a dumb question but for a tab like this:||------------------------------------------||4x

how do u hit both of the open notes in the beginning at the same time? do u pluck it or somethin?
my 22 is barely a fret lol its like 2 cm big

(no thats what she said jokes plz lmao)