I'm preparing to order a new guitar (maybe a PRS or a Vintage PRS copy).

I found some guitars i liked at this website: http://www.dv247.com/

Does anyone know if this shop is reliable? Is it safe to order from them?
Anyone had bad experiences buying equipment from them?

Thanks for the help.
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Pretty decent store, I ordered a Gibson from them but because of the distribution crapola with Gibson at the time I ended up cancelling my order. The shop was pretty cool about it and their customer service was pretty decent. My advice would be just don't buy a Gibson unless they get their act together
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Bought my amp and some other stuff from them, no problems at all
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I ordered a guitar for my brother's birthday from there. It came after 2 days which is great and there was no damage or anything, so yes, they are reliable.

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Yea, they have good customer service and are pretty reliable. I've never had a problem with them anyway.
They're awesome.

But £5 for shipping on a pack of strings? I was not chuffed.

Came fast though.
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Really awesome company ive spent £2000 on them already this year, graham in the cambridge store is an awesome dude and gives u amazing prices.

Ive never had a bad expiriance with them. Actually become really good mates with them and they try to even find u what you want but cheaper
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Their service is solid gold. After a few mails back and fort and managed to bag myself a very good deal with quite generous discount from one of their support personal. It left me with a good feeling inside

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Their service is, as others have said, simply fantastic. Unfortunately, I've had problems with all of my orders from them (items not being in stock when they thought they were; delays; etc), and every time dv247 have contacted me right away and been really helpful with sorting everything out, which is much more than can be said for another certain UK online shop *coughGAKcough*. It's a shame I have had so many problems with orders from them, but their customer service has been so good I'm happy to keep ordering from them.
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