Do u agree or disagree with this statement.

I used to have a Flextone HD halfstack which sounded pretty cool. Then i got a POD 2.0 and it was very decent as well.

Later i tried an XT live and then an X3 Live and i thought the older technology sounded better and the newer stuff was fizzy and digital.
Just out of curiosity, how do u feel about this if u have used all 3 of them.


BTW i am talking about just the amp modelling as the Fx might be a lot better and have more options on the newer stuff.
I find that my 2.0 is much more organic sounding than the the X3 live I used, I found the "amps tone" really quick and easy with the 2.0 and really could not get the tone out of the X3 in the 45 min+ I messed with it. The 2.0 is more simple and "amp like" than the X3 for sure. I think that line 6 put a lot more time and thought into the models on the 2.0 since when they first came out they where cutting edge tech, and really where the first amp modeler that really caught peoples attention. Now that the new has worn off and people see that modelers are going to be contenders in the amp world, they are slacking off a bit, also there are many more companies making decent modeling amps and line 6 may not be putting the efforts into the newer amp models, just a thought.
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Is it really true? cos im looking for a pod xt to record and have tone and if pod 2.0 is not so bad i can also get it...but most people get pod x3 after a pod 2.0 and say its a good step up...maybe youre doing something wrong?
I agree that the Pod 2.0 engine is more organic sounding and yes it is so much easier to dial in a good sound no menus and less options.
Not to say that i am sure the XT Live and X3 live also sound great once u put some time into programming ur sounds.
I had a pod 2.0. I've used xt's and heard an x3. The 2.0 was great for practice, and getting rough tracks down. The xt was a lot more complicated, but a similar thing really. Far too many effects to really use. The x3 is this and beyond. I'd actually quite like one, but they don't sound as good as a real amp. There's no way round it. For practicing and mucking about, they're great, but beyond that, they suck. They simpy don't cut it live. Four cables method or not, real pedals and real amps sound better. I'd drop a hundred quid on a second hand modeller for practice, but certainly not £300+ for a new shiny gizmo, which has the same limitations as the last. Maybe the new axe fx is great, but I'm more than happy with my custom shop Hiwatt, Japanese Tokai and a few tasty pedals.
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