can someone give me a manufacturer that makes:

Ibanez RG
Ibanez S
PRS Custom 24
Les Paul
Jackson RR

im gonna buy a guitar soon and i want to know if there are any good clones of these. Iwant a Clone because i dont have the money to buy the "real deal"
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Les Paul = Agile guitars at rondomusic.com
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Les Paul = Agile guitars at rondomusic.com

i dont like agiles
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clones?like a swarm of mutant WTF!!Is a tab's....... fuck me i better start hiding ¬¬

no seriously,clones with names the brands name on em like having Gibson on a ****ty chinese made false LP guitar arnt ''clones'' illigal?
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arnt ''clones'' illigal?

i thought he just meant similar styles. not a copy. but yeah, copies are definitely illegal, and usually complete crap. anyway lets see...

Ibanez RG- search eBay, there are a few people who make cheaper ones and sell them as "modified" or something
Ibanez S- none that i know of
PRS Custom 24- cort's guitars look pretty similar to PRSs to me.
Les Paul- EVERYBODY. seriously. check out LTD's for the right shape, or tokai is popular among a bunch of people
Jackson RR- i think there are a few companies that make V's. a few meaning tons. i'd just check out the cheaper jackson models.

unless you only have $100 to spend or something i'd really recommend going with legit brands. just make sure you play before you buy
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tokai, burny, greco, michael kelly, agile. ull find mostly lps and strats, but they are killer.
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