I have checked google etc and can't find out how I could be one.

I would like to be one and was wondering how?
And do you get paid for it?

I can't find any answers on the internet.

I am unsure if this thread is allowed though as when I read the rules they seem complex.

Thanks again,
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Now that you've made this thread, you'll never become one. You've taken yourself out of the running.
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according to your profile you are 10 - that is not a good start

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Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
Bribe the UG team somehow. Preferably through vodka polictial lobbying.
You have to be a long-standing member, with a clean record. There's no "Can I be one please?".

I'm sure this thread isn't going to do you any favours.
by displaying exemplary attitude.

or bumming up to current mods. speaking of which, don't you just love Carmel?
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If youre Googling how to become a moderator, youve already proven that youre incompetent.
Im not to sure how but if you're really 10 then i doubt your going to become a mod.
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I have checked google etc


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I want 19,000 words on your quest of becoming a moderator, the hardship, taunting and gruesome abuse you've received.

I'll consider then.
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