Why do scales help me become a better player? I've been playing a mixture of scales, songs etc. but I want to get good, fast. If I just learn scales, with a metrenome,how/why would this help, and is it a good idea? Like just scales, to get good?
should be in the guitar theory thread...

however, playing different scales up and down the fretboard in time and cleanly to a metronome will help you develope finger memory, finger speed, the ear, right/left hand coordination, and the timing.

I recommend it
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Learn the scales but not jus the scale shapes, learn the notes in each scale and the modes of the major scale. Scale construction is an important thing to know, especially in chord construction
good knowledge of your scales will help you learn any song easier. it will help you a ton with your ears so you can figure out songs by just hearing them, and it will help you figure out all the notes on the neck. overall, every guitar player should definately learn scales, helps dramaticly
they will help you solo. also it will help you when you compose songs.

theory my friend, is needed. haha
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knowing your scales in all the positions inside out back to front etc but you then need to learn how to use them in set pieces and improvs in order to convey whatever your message is...
if you want to know why learning scales is good for learning the notes and theory, ask in musicians talk and phrase the question a bit better. if you want to know how learning scales can help with technique and speed, ask in the techniques forum and phrase he question a bit better.