I will Buy a new guitar soon, and i want something good!!! Already a have a Epiphone SG Special and is a good guitar for beginners, i have 2 years playing guitar and is time from something new, i like the rock, hard rock, heavy, a little of metal. I want to buy a Epiphone SG G-400, what do you thing¿? You recommend that guitar¿? the price in USA is 349$, or what ibanez can you recommend me¿? i like too the ESP guitars, So please recomend Ibanez, ESP, or Epiphone, i think G-400 is good right¿? and please a price like 300$ to 400$ or a little more, i don´t have so much money.

Please excuse my english i´m from spain.
Well for starters, you don't need the upside down ? in English. A single one at the end of the sentence is all you need.

If you play mostly hard rock the Epiphone will be fine. It will also do metal fairly well to, but if metal is your primary style I would recommend Ibanez or ESP.

I'm from New Mexico so I come in contact with a lot of Spanish speakers.
honestly i thought you said you wanted a good guitar. The g-400 is not a good guitar. Save some more money (so you have ~700-900$) then buy something you will love
I got an Ibanez RG370DX for $400, its got a trem on it, but theres hardtail versions too.
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