I'm trying to get my album collection up with some truly great albums so I have been asking around the band & artist forums for people to reccommend me some albums that should certaintly be in my record collection, So just suggest away.

The Top 50 difinitive classic rock albums etc... just don't seem to convince me, wheras UG suprisingly can, so let's see what you can conjure me up. Seriously, go for the obvious ones too, I'll have missed them!

Toys in the attic - Aerosmith
Highway to hell - AC/DC
Are you experianced? - Jimi Hendrix

i know theres a lot more but i can't think of another right now :S
anything by AC/DC. Kiss double live platinum,Judas Priest British steel,Screaming for vengance GnR appetite for destruction
Luna Andromeda dragon bass
Schecter Omen Extreme
Fender strat
Fender Labrea electic/acoustic
Peavey tour 450
Peavey tour 410/115
Galien-kruger Backline 600
Black Heart BH15h
Gibson Les Paul gold top (Knock off)
Use the recommendation thread.


How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
Step 3: Plug in and freak the **** out.