how far should strings be from the fret/fretboard so they are are low action without going dead
There are variables to how low the action on a guitar can/should be. It depends on what gauge of strings you use, the quality of the guitar (a well done fretjob will have even frets, none too high/low) how hard the player picks and most importantly the preference of the player. Set the guitar so that you get a nice balance of good sound (minimal buzzing, no buzzing coming out of the amp) and comfort.
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ok thanks.

btw its a gibson les paul studio with 10 gauge strings
on a ibanez prestige wizard II neck 2mm from the top of the fret to the bottom of the 6th string and 0.3mm on the 1st string at the 14th fret, but it depends on the neck and the guitar and what fret wire guage and what string guage.

trying to use measurements is pointless, you gotta do it through experimentation an feel.

when it feels perfect try lowering a bit more, if it buzzes raise it back up...

every guitarist is different in how they want there guitars set up, i like mine to be slightly higher so i get better sustain
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What you mean is string height, which is a part of the overall action setup.
There's no fixed value for the lowest possible setup because every guitar is different. You will have to learn to feel it out. The most basic thing you can do with such guitar is to adjust the height of the bridge.

Things I usually look for when setting up a guitar:

* Neck relief.
* Bridge and nut height.
* Neck & nut radius profile should match the fretboard profile.
* Find dead spot along the neck. Be sure to do a full bend up on each note to see if it chokes.
* Pickup height. Too close to the strings and the magnet pull the string closer to the fretboard causes buzz and other unwanted issues.

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