I saw that the valve HD 100 head is being discontinued, why?

I've only heard great things about it....

now you can get one for a great price though, I'm picking one up tomorrow for $430 new in the box. Oh, and what control pedal should I get?
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Well there's the new Spider 4's coming out, so I'll assume they're making newer ones of these too

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Maybe they can add the vetta boger models to this. Then they can have a digital version of a bogner with a bogner power section. :-) An even less expensive alechemist?

All in good fun... I love my HD147, and I thought the valve amps were pretty nice for the money.
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Spider valve HD 100 mkII. It think it will be out later this fall

Cool, I was hoping it wasn't because they were having problems or something.... I've heard that they are great amps!
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Yep, the new ones are coming out that are supposed to be a huge improvement. I was going to grab a HD100 when they were super cheap a few weeks back, but then I did some research, I'd rather see what the new ones have to offer first
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Most of the Line 6 Valve amps are being discontinued to make room for the newer models. Same with Peavey and the Classic series. The classic 30 is on it's way out as well.
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I wouldn't be surprised if the new Spider Valve Mk2 has a tube preamp stage, a single tube like the Strymon SVpre.

Lets see.
Yes! Hopefully the improvement will be brilliant, and if not the older amp will be cheap so yeah.
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I went and picked it up today and love it! I've already got a Mesa Triple Recto, but to the line 6 sounds great as well, but is way more easy to hook up.

With the Mesa I've got to put the reverb in the effects loop and adjust the loop volume in and out, then hook up all my pedals (chorus, vox wah, tuner, digital delay, ab-y switcher, and the foot controler) then hook the switcher to my clean amp (a crate V50 112).

With the Line 6 all I have to do is plug it in, man does this amp sound great!!! I might even think about selling my Mesa..... I am soooo glad I bought the Line 6!!!!! Great tone, easy to use, easy to hook up and take down for gigs, loads of features.

Bogner can sure design a great amp, good job line 6!!!!

For $430 you can't pass this amp up!!!
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