Any Final Fantasy Fans Here? Well post your favorites and hates on the games right here!!! My favorites are 4,6,9,and 10. My least favorites are 12..
Oh chrono Trigeer and chrono cross count. Please don't reply on this forum if your just gonna bash the game, They are trully really good games, and probobaly one of the few games to have an actual plot left. The Story is good , music is good, there is really nothing to hate about these games....Final Fantasy beats any ****in shooter, anyway PLEASE REPLY..... Oh yeah they aren't nerdy..... Only a few.
Final Fantasy is awesome, chrono trigger is epic

but there is a gaming thread...
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well played sir, well played
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Theyre even is a final fantasy thread already

But FF7 made my vacation ^^
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& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
There's also a FF thread

and I love Chrono Trigger and Cross

but yeah, *'ported*

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i dont like it, makes no sense
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not hated
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i dont like it, makes no sense

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How do they not make sense the only one that make no absoulte sense is FF12, oh yeah I forgot to mention blue dragon.... That is a really good RPG if any of you users have no played it