I'm a french bassist, playin' the instrument for about 8 months.
I decided to try and post a cover of the song, have fun watchin' it

Here is the link

It's my first cover and I still need to work a bit on the song but I hope you will like,
your advices and opinions are welcome !

Soon,I'll show you the band cover of the song, but we still have problems recording atm.

Thanks, cya
Great cover man, your timing is perfect, and your stance looks really good. You also got the volume just right so it doesn't overpower the song, but it's still clearly audible.


Pat_s1EDIT: Nice bass too btw.
Not bad, but it sound kinda sloppy on some of the faster parts, maybe that's just me? Timing and stuff is good, but you might wanna look on improving right hand muting technique.
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I'm aware the sound is pretty aweful sometimes...
Thank you for the advice, the problem is :
I'm in a world of pain while trying to get the same sound that I have on amps when I plug my bass on Line in. And I dont have any good mic to record directly. Furthermore, I cannot hear myself while recording because I have not managed yet to make the sound, coming from the Line in, go out through the speakers.
Perhaps I'll try buying a better sound card

Anyway, thank you for watching
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