I've just decided to finally start learning guitar but am lost as to what guitar I should buy. I know I want an acoustic guitar, and I am very much a beginner. I plan on talking to the people at the music store tomorrow as well but I thought it would be good to get as many opinions as possible. I don't want the crappiest and cheapest guitar out there, but I don't have a fortune either. So, recommendations? (Please keep in mind that I am a total noob when it comes to music, so Buying an Acoustic Guitar for Dummies 101 would be awesome!)
what is your budget?
good beginer guitars to look at are epiphone hummingbirds and doves, other good ones to look at are yamaha's
get a £100 fender or summit


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Thanks guys! I now have a list so that when I walk into the store I don't look AS lost lol. :-)