Hey guys I'm 14 now and played guitar for about 2 years now, but know NOTHING about theory. I'm really having a hard time reading the notes on my fretbord and barely know anything in theory. Right now I want to learn how to transcribe notes on music sheets and play them on guitar. I already know how to read notes on music sheets but I'm really having a hard time on reading the notes on the fretbord. Any tricks mayby? But overall I really don't know most theory in music and want to start now. Can't any of you suggest any books or dvd lessons(probaly not) that could help me with music theory.

P.S. Sorry for my horrible grammar and spelling.
Tv best method book is made by Berklee. It has a green cover but it will help your sheet music reading very quickly (in about a week or 2 you'll be transcribing some moderately difficult solos)
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Google it.

Then check theory stickies and other useful articles around the site.
If you're having a hard time learning the notes on the fretboard you won't be able to learn anything else so concentrate on getting that boxed off for the time being - otherwise it's like trying to learn to write before you know the alphabet.
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http://www.amazon.com/Music-Theory-Guitarists-Everything-Wanted/dp/063406651X/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b This link is to the absolute best music theory book ever. It is incredibly easy, and explains things without over complicating them. Ive been using it to teach myself music theory for a while, and it taught me more then a music theory class at my school. It is incredible. Dont not buy this book.
Thanks guys. Any other people has more suggestions? And at Ssargentslayer does fretboard warrior really helps?