So Im about to get a guitar and Im stuck between these two:
a 1999 Les Paul Classic (496R ceramic humbucker 500T pickups)
a 2005 Les paul standard (Burstbucker pro pickups)

I play mostly rock and metal like GNR, metallica, AC/DC, killswitch engage, AS i lay dying.

So whats the difference between these two? Is there a difference in sound, and which one do you think would be best for my style?
Les Paul Classic has slightly hotter pickups. Generally, they have thinner '60s necks, but it's worth noting that the standard may well have the thinner '60s neck too.
traditionally the classic is the middle ground model between the studio and the standard, really they're not all too different from each other. go play both and buy the one that plays and sounds better to you.
I'd personally rather have the Classic. they seem to be higher quality than the standards.
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Indeed, there were a few different types of 'Classic', but most had the 60's neck, while Standards have had both 50's and 60's profiles.

Pickup wise, in my view both sets of pickups aren't that good. The BB Pros are the most generic humbucker you can ever get and are useless unless you simply want a jack-of-all-trades pickup, and the 'modern classic' range of pickups (500T and etc) are typically terrible too. you'll probably end up swapping the pickups out either way, so to me that's a non-issue.

What you need to do is play both guitars and simply buy the one that feels best in your hands. That's the only way you can know you're getting the best deal for you.
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you gotta go try em both, several of em both if you really want to find out, not the kind of thing u can ask on a interwebs forum