Ok, so I've been looking at getting a new amp for the past few weeks, but I'm not really getting anywhere with making a decision, so any help would be appreciated.

My budget's about £400. Maybe a tiny bit more, but I don't really want to go over unless it's really worth it.

I mainly play stuff like Jeff Buckley, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Ash, etc. so I'd like good cleans and a decent overdrive, but it doesn't have to go as far as metal.

I'd prefer a head + cab so I'd have a bit of versatility if I ever needed it. I currently only play at home, but the option to use it for gigging could eventually come in handy.

The current front runner is the Blackstar HT-5 with the Harley Benton G212 cab, which ends up pretty much right on budget. I've played the HT-5 and was really impressed with it, but I'm not sure about it only being 5W (I know it can be miced, but I'd prefer not having to do that - if I ever needed to) and I've heard the cleans aren't too good at volume (I couldn't really crank it in the shop, but it still seemed fairly loud and cleanish at nearly half volume).

I've also tried the Orange Tiny Terror, which sounded really good with the gain up, but being single channel rules it out, and the Dual Terror is way over budget.

Lately I've come across the Bugera 1960 and 1990, but there seems to be varied opinion on these and I don't know if I'd ever get full use out of them being 100W. They sound pretty good on YouTube though, but I've not been able to find any instore yet...

So is there anything else I should be looking at? Is it worth trying to find some 100W heads even though most of the time they'll be nowhere near max output?

If you've got this far, sorry for the short story, but I thought I'd try to give as much info as I can.
with the artists you listed i would look into a vox ac 15. its a smaller version of the Ac30 and is a really great amp. you can gig it at small venues without a mike and gets decent cleans and great british crunch overdrive when you push it.
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Thanks, I'll give it a look.

Anyone else got any advice? Particularly on the Bugeras.

I got a bugera 1990 head with matching bugera cab, and it soudn's great,...i mean it sound's freiken loud, it is 120 watt's, but you can swith it to 60 watt mode, and even with the volume down it still sound's great..

it is comfortable with everything from clean's to heavy metal. The clean channel ranges from dead clean to acdc ish thin lizzy type gain..then the distortion channel starts there, and goes up to a metallica/pantera gain...i'd say it's a versatile amp, but designed mostly for hard rock...trust me you'd like it!
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Ah, that I didn't know. Could make it a bit more useable.

Just need to find somewhere that stocks 'em.

Bugera's are generally more suited to metal.

I'm not sure if you have a budget, but if you do, have a reasonable one, Peavey Classic 30/50 would be pretty good for what you play, I think.

EDIT: Sorry, just saw your budget, what your looking at is a good choice.

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Bugera's really are suited for metal, i have one...the 6262, and the cleans are decent for an amp that is that cheap and that high gain, but why would you by a metal amp to use for **** like thin lizzy?

the vox AC15 is a good idea, or find a used fender hot rod deluxe and boost it with an overdrive, that should be pretty good too. (though might be slightly out of your budget)
Traynor YCV40.

It's a combo, but very good for what you want.
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