What's the most efficient way to practice a song? How slow should you practice it at first, and how much faster should you bump up your speed of playing it each time?
I've been trying to learn Turn Soonest to the Sea by Protest the Hero, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting the intro bits down, so I was thinking I may be practicing wrong.
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What I would recommend is any section that you can't just pick up and start playing (ie solos, difficult picking patterns, etc.) break it down into small little sections that you can learn one at a time. And definitely play these slow, don't worry about bumping up the speed. Play slow and you'll know when you can play it at a speed equivalent to the song.
Slow it down as slow as it takes for you to be able to play it cleanly at first, and then move it up slowly enough that you can still play it cleanly most of the time. Play it over and over until you're playing it perfectly before bumping it up. Repeat until full speed. Slow and then speeding up is easily the best way to practise a song.
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Well my method is as follows:

learn the hardest part of the song first by breaking it down into small parts
then learn every thing else

also learn what ever you can by ear and any thing you cant learn by ear try tabs or standard notation.