In my Spanish class, each student was assigned a category. I got stuck with literature. The only Latino/Hispanic author I know of is Jose Rizal. But he is from the Philippines, a country colonized by Spain. Even though he was a native Spanish speaker and his two most famous works are in Spanish, the teacher would not allow me to choose him. Isn't that bull****? So now I need help because I cannot think of any other Hispanic/Latino author.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls. He ain't hispanic, but some of the characters probably are

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Try Jorge Luis Borges, or Pablo Neruda, they're very popular among latinamerican readers.


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gabriel garcia marquez

im reading memoria de mis putas tristes at the moment, it's good but hard for my spanish skills hahaha :P but easier than como agua para chocolate

i recommend him because i think he has written lots of fairly famous books

good luck
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Horacio Quiroga (super creepy sh*t)
Pablo Neruda
Mario Vargas Llosa
Romulo Gallegos (Venezuela FTW)
Andres Eloy Blanco (Venezuela FTW)

Pick one.
No muerde, no calla
Sin sangre no hay arte
Nada ni nadie
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