TBH, i really can't stand music like this, but the youtube vid is very good when i set music tastes out of it. I'd honestly listen to it over Linkin Park any day
I liked it! Keep it up and keep improving your sound so you one day don't have to compare yourself to famous bands.
Not really a fan of this music, but I like the structure of the song in the video, and your singer is really good! Keep it up

Oh, I wouldn't really call yourselves Hardcore either, it's not a very hardcore song IMO, more Hard Rock

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How do you physically download an album? Like run your computer off a dynamo on an exercise bike?
Video was nicely filmed, but yall need to play/sing with more emotion!
Move around! (especially the vocalist)
I actually laughed at 2:06 because he looked bored.

Just by watching at the video, it kinda made me though that your shows might be kinda boring.

Not exactly hardcore though.
do you even know what Hardcore is?


not bad for like a wussy not hardcore band. If anything you're idontknowhatkindofmusicweplay-core

definitely not bad though. keep it up. great vocalist for that style of rock