hey y'all i just wrote this song today acoustic and bass vocals pretty simple but its the message tell me what you think or suggestions tell me i know the quality sucks but i guess give me your thoughs on what this song makes u feel thanks you can find the song on my site www.myspace.com/sikmind

-Sik Mind
One Love
Heyy man!

I checked it out. It was hard to hear the lyrics because of the quality, but I didn't really need to pick up on all the lyrics to feel the mood of the song. It was very dark, and made me feel angsty. The guitar really set the tone.

That's about all I can give you without being able to hear the vox a little clearer. Good work, nonetheless.

Check mine out if you'd like.
As I Listen: idk about the whispering, the music is awesome though. really like just the overall feel from the groove. really interesting progression a ways into it. overall some good tunage. could see it on a spy movie or something lol.

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