Hey members of UG, I seemed to have reached a plateau in my guitar ability. Or atleast I am having trouble progressing in my guitar technique. For example playing my scales. I progressed alot for a while and now even after hours of practice i seem to progress very slowy with speed and accuracy. I dont know if i should keep on doing the same old excercises and hope for the best or change my whole plan. Please help give me new excercises or practice plans I could use to help get me moving again.

Thanks alot,

Eli, 14
I always equate this to lifting weights...you progress somewhat quickly at first, but then plateau. With more practice, you will get through it and get to another plateau....

You probably knew this, so here is my take....

If you currently focus on learning intros and solos, try putting together full songs. OR If you are a chord player today, try adding the solos or intros.

Also, I found that playing to a drum machine or metronome really advanced my free-form playing. Good luck
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i know you can tell yourself..."ok i need to play that even faster...and move your hands even faster...it just dont sound right...but force it and keep trying?
Try learning a totally new style of playing that will challenge you again. If you are a rock guitarist, learn some jazz. If you play metal, try some blues. Remember that there are all sorts of ways to use your instrument that you probably haven't put time into developing yet. We all have our weak spots, find yours and drill it.
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