A song from my in the making Christian Metal album. The song isin my profile, It's going to have strings and synths and vocals added and will probably be longer but this is a demo of it so tell me what you think!

Very good work, I like the stormy bit at the beginning, good tension. Was that guitar out of tune or was it just me? Or was it deliberate? In any case, I thought that perhaps the opening was slightly too long. However, when the distorted guitars came in, I must admit it made me jump.

....Then I realise the "experimental metal" part. And it all makes sense!
This kind of music isn't really my cup of tea, but it was good, for that sort of thing.
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Thanks! I guess you have to like weird sounds and long songs (The finished version is probably going to be a round eight minutes long) to like experimental metal. The thunder clap with the distorted guitar is supposed to surprise. also, the guitar is tuned to D standard so maybe that's why is sounded funny. I'm planning on finishing it tonight, I'll add more guitar parts and some orchestral strings to the mix and hopefully some vocals. Thanks for the crit!
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I just finished recording all the guitar and bass parts and the song is 10:59, I'm going to add the strings tonight.