If you could only bring three (3) people with you in a zombie attack who would you pick?

You must choose:
-someone you know personally
-someone famous
-a fictional person

All 3 must be human beings.

Take everything into account.
List your reasoning.

I'll post my choices after a while.
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This thread is now about JacobTheMe.

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My best friend Jimmy- He and I have gotten into situations that are just so ridiculous and come out on top.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala or Claudio Sanchez- They seem like people who would be ready for this type of thing, plus I've always wanted to hang out with them.

Alex from A clockwork orange- Duh. Total badass.

EDIT: If this thread is about JacobTheMe, I'd like to say that I'm going to make him godfather of my first child when or if I have one.
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I need only 1

-a fictional person
Bands I must see in concert
The Black Crowes
Black Stone Cherry
The Darkness and/or the sideprojects of the band members
The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones