C4C... I recorded this more or less on the spot one day. But i thought it was too 'happy'. So i added more guitars to a second version. Here are both of them... Oh and i havent added vocals because i havent written lyrics for it, which means the title of the song could change... i'd appreciate a comment on youtube as well.

Here's the frist version.

And here's the second version.

Thank you in advance and don't forget to leave a link for me to check out.
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cool song man. its a simple progression that has been done lots of times before, but it works for this folky type stuff. i like version 1 best. that other guitar just doesnt seem to fit with the progression for some reason. the recording quality isent the best, but this is just a rough demo. i cant wait to hear it with lyrics. i think you should also consider a change/chorus, just a place to raise the energy of the song a little. good vibes though. good job man. this reminds me of a forrest in the middle of summer for some reason. cool song.

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Yeah i know it is a simple progression, and i usually dont like using progressions like that, but i felt it was what worked here... And yes it is a rough demo, thanks for recognizing that... And i was thinking id just repeat it all twice when i have lyrics, and the ending would be the chorus, but we'll see how it turns out... Forest in the middle of the summer?? I might use that when i try to write lyrics. Haha. Thanks... i'll get right to yours.
Nice little mellow tune I seem to find the playing a bit choppy but I am listenin through terrible speakers. I preferred it without the electric guitar, it didn't really fit in with the song. It'll be good to hear with lyrics but as someone else said, it would be good if there was like a chorus to lift it as it does get a bit dull to listen to. I like the riff you get going just after the 1 minute mark. 7/10 if you get lyrics on it
yes very chill. im not really diggin the distorted tone personally. definitely a little repetitive without vocals. but overall it definitely has some potential i think.

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