So i just bought a 7 string and the action in the lower frets is perfect, however in the high frets its really high and hard to play on for me.. If i lower it, won't the lower fret section get lowered to? Is there anyway to just lower the height around the 12-24th fret?
ya you might need to adjust your truss rod, get a guitar tech to do it if you dont know how
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It depends on what kind of bridge you have.

If it's a vintage trem or a fixed bridge, they should each have individual height controls. If you screw with those though, you'll have to readjust intonation.

If it's a floyd or something like that, it should have two bolts on either side. By lowering the one side, you could do the same thing.

I'm not really sure what truss adjustments have to do with action... But it's always best to take it to a tech.
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thanks guys, i ****ed up my last guitar messing with it so much so ill just take it in.