I just did this a little while ago as a test for my new Pod X3. It turned out decently I think, and it accompanies a video that I just uploaded to Youtube. I got the tab from the official "The Fall of Ideals" tab book, which was signed and given to me by Oli and the gang at Mayhem Fest '09 in Cleveland, OH.

If anyone wants the tab or my Pod settings (they weren't great but I think it's good for first time), ask via thread/video/mp3/profile comment, UG/Youtube pm, email, etc.

Anyway, the audio is on my profile, but for those who want one...

Link (Same as the one directly to the left of this post)

And this is the video:
You rock dude !
Didn't know the song before but your version is rly nice.

Did you have any problem with youtube's wga ?

Anyway, nice cover again.

If you wanna tell me your opinion about my Down with the Sickness bass cover, follow the link