ALRIGHT so here's the battle of the $150 Analog Delay pedals

MXR Carbon Copy


Malekko Ekko 616

I do not own a delay pedal and I am REALLY craving one right about now. So please help me decide between these two. They even happen to be the same price
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I own the Carbon Copy. Its a great sounding pedal but a bit overpriced. The Ekko 616 is ok, but not great. I'd look into the new Memory Toy and Boy.

edit- Dang..... just saw the PGS demo of the Ekko. Get that!!!!

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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Personally I'd go for the Malekko. I LOVED the demo PGS did of it today, and it's got more features than the Carbon Copy. They are the same price! I feel like I'm getting more for my money with the Malekko, and IMO it just sounds better! But that's not to say that the Carbon Copy isn't a great pedal...because it is!
I don't think you can go wrong with either one, but I'd also be on the look out for a Memory Boy/Toy
Carbon Copy I say. Never tried the EKko, but the CC was good. It's $150 in GC, but in Best Buy, i think it's $130. That is a deal. used it's like $90-$120.
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It sounds like a really cool delay. Infact, I am also looking around for a delay, maybe one of these would do good for me though, but really I'm just looking for something for leads. Think it would sound good hi-gain?

Go for it, infact go used so you don't lose if you want a different one.
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The Malekko is just so much warmer and more organic sounding than the CC, not to mention the larger feature set. Malekko hands down. I was shocked at how good it sounded in the demo when I watched it earlier today.


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coming from a carbon copy owner get the malekko

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

i saw both vids on PGS,
both are amazing delays
u really couldnt go wrong with either
i felt the ekko was more versatile
but the cc was warmer
personally id take the CC
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That Malekko looks awesome. Too bad it's near impossible to get anything Malekko here..
Call me Cahum.

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malekke ekko...

PGS says godzilla has one =]

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i haven't played the ekko but i thought the carbon copy was a huge rip off when i played it a while ago. it wasn't as nice and lush and you would expect.
add the EHX memory boy to that list
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add the EHX memory boy to that list

Yea that would make up the big 3 analog pedals in a similar price range. I'll add my vote to the Carbon Copy purely because I have one and love it, and prefer it to what I've heard of the Memory Boy (but I've never had the chance to try one personally).

You'll get mixed opinions about each of these pedals your best bet is to try them and decide yourself. Some people love the CC for example, others can't stand it.
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Carbon Copy I say. Never tried the EKko, but the CC was good. It's $150 in GC, but in Best Buy, i think it's $130. That is a deal. used it's like $90-$120.

they sell pedals in bestbuy now?
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they sell pedals in bestbuy now?

Not the one near us...some of the bigger ones they are though.
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Carbon Copy I say. Never tried the EKko, but the CC was good. It's $150 in GC, but in Best Buy, i think it's $130. That is a deal. used it's like $90-$120.

I saw an internet ad for the Carbon Copy for $124. Showed it to Guitar Center and they matched the price. Nice pedal.