Just wondering how many of you all were football fans...and i dont mean European football...im talking about smash mouth NFL die hards! Lets make it interesting and talk a little bit about our tastes

1. What is your favorite team and why?
2. Any major predictions on this upcoming season?
3. Do you play fantasy football online?
FAVRE i mean 4. What are your thoughts on him being with the Vikings?
5. What is your thoughts on Michael Vick?
6. Greatest football memory?

as for me

1. St Louis Rams cause im from STL
2. Rams will surprise people and make playoffs, Vikings will make it to NFC championship and bomb out, Peyton manning will be injured.
3. No i don't as of yet but i may sign up at nfldotcom
4. I got a Favre rookie card, so keep playing and setting records mr Favre
5. Let him play...or i will kick ur puppy
6. Tackle at the 1, Rams win superbowl...best play in superbowl history...Santonio Holmes was nice...but that was like 3rd down with time remaining...tackle at the 1 saved the game as time expired...do or die...greatest play in SB history