Hey guys
Well first off I am a guitarist by nature and just picked up bass along the way
And I was offered a spot in a local deathcore band that is starting to gain some momentum, as a bassist
I'm more than competent enough to play in said band, but my only bass experience is playing in thrash and punk bands, all of which used standard tunings

Now here's the question
In deathcore, or just heavy music in general, do you drop tune the bass to whatever tuning the guitars are in?
Say they're playing in Drop B, would I tune to that as well?
Bass is lower by nature anyways, so its confusing me
Maybe I'm overthinking it?
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It's certainly an easier option, especially since in deathcore, there's a lot of pedalling on the lowest available open note. Bass is lower in nature, but if you play an octave up from what you would have downtuned to, you're in guitar register territory, and in deathcore, you won't be giving the song the necessary low end.
you can tune in whatever you want, but its usually easiest to tune in what they tune in. esp if is deathcore, theres probably a lot of faster riffs using open B.
I play along with drop B guitars in 5 string standard (B standard)
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It's a no-brainer if you get yourself a 5-string bass, but if you want a 4-string bass, you can still just use a BEAD tuning.

In my opinion, there isn't really much point down-tuning in bass, since bassists usually don't play chords.

But, ultimately, it's your call. Fiddle around as you please; develop your own style. :]
I think your best option is to get a five or six string (six IMO high C for solos yay!) with a low B.

Edit: Beaten to it . I still think a six (or even a seven!) is your best option
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Well I'm currently broke so getting a new bass is out of the option (though I plan on it as soon as possible)

Thanks for the info, though
I'll drop tune and see what its like
If I don't like it I'll figure out what works
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^I think there's plenty of point in down tuning a bass. In some of my band's songs, which I tune down a step to matched the guitar's A standard tuning, there's plenty of riffs that would just feel so empty without that low A.

True that, but you can also always just lower all the strings. ^_^

I guess I just like it more that way. XP

Then again, I'm not your bassist extraordinaire, so my opinion may as well be just ****. XD

EDIT: Wait, wait.

I think I was trying to make the same point as you. I just didn't word it correctly in my first post.

What I meant to say was that there isn't much point in getting a drop tuning in a bass when you can just lower all the strings.

Man, I am so out of it today. >_<
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No, I'm a big advocate of drop tuning when the guitars do. Lamb of God riffs would be a pain in the arse otherwise. As a gigging bassist, I like to make things as simple as possible for myself in a live situation so I can concentrate on perfecting songs quickly, and improve stage performance. With fast riffs like Lamb of God, dropping all the strings means that you have to shift everything above the D up two frets, making largerg stretches and fast speeds, which isn't very productive to be honest. It's much simpler just to drop the E to D and play that way. Bassists in bands like Slipknot can "get away" with playing in a standard tuning, because the stuff isn't overtly technical or fast.
^ Great point, the fifth thing messes with me really bad though

Anyway, yes, tune your instrument to either the same or a close enough yet comfortable tuning as the rest of your band mates ... it just makes it soo much simpler to play songs or convey ideas to everyone. Trust me though, its a pain to occasionally remind the nice Drop tuned guitarists that your still in standard and then have that potentially awkward argument about why it is that you wont conform.

Just as long as you can pedal comfortably and play whatever it is that nice chuggy lowest note is you should be fine.
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You're right, Deliriumbassist and Thegian.

I suppose it just boils down to whatever one's most comfortable with.

Heck, now that I think about it, I use drop-tunings on the bass a lot. XP
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I think your best option is to get a five or six string (six IMO high C for solos yay!) with a low B.

Edit: Beaten to it . I still think a six (or even a seven!) is your best option

+ infinity =D