I call mine

"Green Strings"

Beat up Lauren flat blue color with a chipped third fret that will cut your ass if you run your finger along the top& enjoys swallowing picks to make you learn the skill of flipping the acoustic with the pick in the right spot to get it out...

Has traveled many miles been bumped into many a table edge but still maintains its form

It's Disinterest are:

cat hair & the song "sweet home alabama"

lol see how it's like you describe another person ....
The Mythical Mexican Korean.
My friend called it Mexican because of the shoddy craftsmenship, but then I pointed out a plate that said 'Made in Korea'.
The action is like 1/2 inch high, the saddle is sanded flat, the B bridgepin is broken in half, and the tuners aren't strong enough to bring a string up to pitch.

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enjoys swallowing picks to make you learn the skill of flipping the acoustic with the pick in the right spot to get it out...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a pick eating guitar.... I get so mad when that happens... lol.

I'm a new guitarist and mine is only a couple of weeks old , so I'm still learning its personality and have not given it a name.. I'll get back to you. I can say this, it is very temperamental and moody. One day I strum a chord and it sings.. the next day it sounds like mud. I need to try to learn how to keep it in a happy mood
Mines name is Katie...
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My first is a '75 classical Yamaha, and his name is Nick... 'cause he's got nicks and scratches all over the place! My first steel is an Ibanez... and she's got no name...
My "FIRST" guitar... is a 1971 Kingston 3/4 scale folk (as is was called back then). My grandfather bought it for me for $50 when I was 6. Made in Japan, mostly plywood, still playable. I know because I gave it to my 4 year old niece a month ago. She has been strumming on it ever since.
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Can't bring myself to name my guitar. I fell like it would make me feel too detached/separate from it. I like thinking of my guitar as part of me - sort of.